Q: How do I lower my heating bills?

     1. To choose Energy Star rated heating appliance to save energy consumption.

     2. Improvement of Home’s energy efficiency to prevent heat losses.

         Wall: ensure your home walls are properly insulated which can reduce bill   
                  cost 10 - 20%

         Window: replace the single-paned windows with the double-paned windows 

         Door: change wood doors to metal or fiberglass doors to decrease heat 
                  leaking from the main entrance to outside

     3. Periodic Heating System Maintenance and Annual Tune-up can help your 
         heating appliance work properly, efficiently, safely and minimize your cost.

Q: What is the importance to replace heater air filter regularly?

     There are two main functions of a clean air filter which decides the reason why  
     we should change air filter regularly

     Firstly, it keeps heating system clean from dirt and working efficiently.

    Secondly, it blocks dust, germ and allergens such as pollen, dust mite so that 
    improving indoor air quality.

Q: Does a hot water tank need to be maintained as well?

     Sure, it does! A lot of customers don’t know about it until their tanks break    
     down and have to replace a new one costly. Then, they just realize it is easily 
     avoidable if it is on a regular maintenance basis.

     As water is pumped into the tank, minerals, dirt and sediment will deposit at 
     the bottom which will induce rust inside the tank and reduce the tank working  

Q: How to use gas fireplace safely?

     Tips: 1. keep combustives and explosives far away from the fireplace and avoid  
                 kids and pets surrounding the hot surface 

             2. Be alert of gas leaking and we recommend you to get a carbon 
                 monoxide detector to monitor the indoor air.

             3. Regular maintenance is the key to ensure your fireplace to work 
                 properly and safely.

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